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    Does your home or property need a new fence, repairs, or an upgrade from existing fencing? Our fence experts help local home and property owners and ensure that they have the best option for their property when it comes to fencing. We specialize in fence repairs, post repairs, new fence installation, wood fencing, and vinyl fencing.

    When searching for a fence company, call Fence Pros Somerville. We have years of experience serving the Somerville community and are the best in town. We’re locally owned and operated and take exceptional pride in helping our community improve.

    We provide well-built fences that enhance the visual appeal of your home and offer protection. Our teams work hard to finish jobs quickly without skimping on detail or quality.

    Our Fencing Company in Somerville MA

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    Our fencing experts have a wide range of experience. From fence installation to post-repair, you can bet that our team will passionately take on the project.

    When searching for “fencing companies near me,” select Fence Pros Somerville and know that you’ve chosen the best fencing team in Somerville. We carefully go through each project to ensure that we provide minimal disruption to the yard and make everything involved with the project as easily and quickly as possible.

    With us, you can be sure that you’ve found the best fencing pros in town, contact us at 617-362-0045 to get your free quote today.

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    Finding Quality Fence Contractors in Somerville MA

    Finding quality fence contractors can be a challenge. Fencing companies source their materials from different suppliers, have teams with varying experience, and generally have diverse values regarding quality and friendliness.

    We like to take the straightforward approach. We are always transparent with the services we provide and source our materials from a variety of suppliers to ensure that we have the best quality on hand. We encourage helping every member of our team develop. As we take on projects, we always put a heightened focus on producing high-quality work and delivering outstanding customer service.

    At Fence Pros Somerville we provide:

    • Fence installation
    • Fence repair
    • Post repair
    • Gate installation
    • Gate repair 
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    Fence Repair

    Fence repair is something that most home or property owners will occasionally need to schedule. Harsh storms that blowing out the coast and rough winters can severely damage fences.

    We’ve seen about every type of damage you can imagine and understand how to work with the fence materials to restore the fence to its previous glory. We may need to re-anchor posts or outright replace posts. Additionally, there may be the need to partially replace or provide carpentry repairs for the fencing.

    Fence Installation

    We love installing fences. Helping someone complete their property by ensuring that the home or business is still gorgeous, both providing an extra layer of protection, is what we enjoy doing.Searching for “fence installation near me” should lead your search right to us because we’re among the top fence installers throughout Somerville and the greater Boston area.

    Every fence installation starts with a booking. During your very first appointment will talk about the options for materials, your preference in style. The amount of space you’ll need to encompass, and varying finishes and other detail elements. When we have all of your details and preferences in place, we can start ordering materials and arranging for construction.

    Our team works quickly and will work with you to plan a time that fits your household’s regular routines. We strive to have as little impact on your home and yard as possible. That means we take your routines and schedules into consideration, and take care to not disrupt any part of the yard not affected by the installation.

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    “I had an old wood fence that needed to be replaced. They came by for a consultation and were very knowledgeable. They did a fantastic job on installation”

    Malia L.

    “The work was timely done. They did adjustments for irregularities in the property line. The workers were friendly and tidy. We would enthusiastically recommend them.”

    Rob S.

    “Our fence fell down in a storm and we needed to see if it could be fixed. They very very helpful about getting us a quote for the insurance and then did an amazing job replacing the fence in very little time.

    Jessa T.

    Residential Fencing Services

    Somerville is a beauty, and we’ve had great luck and being able to work with many of the homeowners in the area. Residential fencing can benefit your needs as a homeowner and to help add a layer of safety to your household. Swimming pool fences, gates, privacy fences, and even sectioning off portions of your yard with fencing can help protect your home and the people in it.

    It all starts with a fence contractor, and at Fence Pros Somerville, you’ll find a team of skilled, qualified, and passionate fence contractors. Give us a call today at 617-362-0045 to arrange for an appointment and to start discussing the fencing needs for your home.

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    Commercial Fence Services

    Protect your business, and protect your employees with fencing specifically made with your business’s needs in mind. We take careful consideration into perimeter security, access control, usability, and functionality of your fencing.

    Our team of installers will help ensure that your new commercial fencing meets the safety and quality control standards your business expects.

    Privacy Fencing

    Wood, vinyl, and even chain link with privacy inserts are options for privacy fencing. With the correct materials and the right team on the job that you can create a secluded oasis right in your backyard and know that there aren’t any nosy neighbors or people walking past your house peeking into your property.

    Vinyl Fence Installation

    Fence installers That don’t back down from a challenge won’t have any problem installing vinyl fencing. We certainly don’t shy away from these jobs at Fence Pros Somerville. Our skilled fence contractors understand the process to safely and quickly install a vinyl fence.

    We will survey your property an established where to set down posts, where the main post or terminal post will sit, and more. Vinyl fences use one of two systems. They can use panels which are often The more difficult to install vinyl fencing, but they offer a lot more to homeowners. Alternatively, They might use board and rail systems, which is similar to installing a wood fence.

    Vinyl fences are gaining in popularity because of how great they look and how long they last period. Even with the higher initial investment, homeowners love knowing that they’ll have to put the minimal amount of maintenance into these fences years.

    Fence Installation and Repair

    Finding “fence contractors near me” is only part of the journey toward getting a fence put into your yard. Fence contractors can do installations and repairs, at Fence Pros Somerville we do it all.

    So if you’re looking for someone to install a new fence or upgrade your old fence, call us. Additionally, if you need someone to reset a post, replace panels in vinyl fencing, or repair a damaged plank in a wood fence, call us for that too! At Fence Pros Somerville, we provide full-service fence installation and repair.

    What makes our installations and repairs stand out from the other contractors in Somerville an in the Boston area is our deep pride for craftsmanship. All of our contractors come on to a project understanding that quality is of great importance, with only safety taking a higher priority.

    At Fence Pros Somerville, we dedicate ourselves to the Somerville community and meet our customer’s needs. We start by using only top-grade materials and then use clever design and working with the layout of your yard to ensure that every fence or repair goes well beyond your expectations.

    Types of Fencing

    wood fence somerville ma

    Each different type of fences serves a different purpose. Your fence can play a vital role in Security and exterior design. The good news is you can find something that is stunning and fits with your home while still offers the level of protection you desire for your yard. Give some consideration to each type of fencing, and if you have questions, contact Fence Pros Somerville directly and will help you understand the differences and make a choice that best suits you.

    Aluminum Fencing

    Aluminum is a standard but attractive type of fencing. It may not provide the full amount of Security that some homeowners seek. But, aluminum fencing has a huge benefit in that it can be adapted to look like almost any other type of fencing.Aluminum is often cost-effective, and it can be easy to paint or decorate to ensure that it matches the outside of your home.

    PVC Fencing

    The most cost-effective way to put fencing into your property is with PVC. PVC fencing is not as sturdy as other types of fencing but can serve a temporary purpose. PVC posts are often meant for short term solutions; however, the durability of the materials can allow it to withstand moderately strong New England storms.

    Wood Fencing

    Wood fencing is extremely popular, especially throughout New England, where you can install good neighbor fences or lovely picket fences. Wood fences can be used to create privacy within a yard or can play up the home’s curb appeal.

    People often feel that wood fences provide a warm and welcoming sensation. There’s also the benefit of their lifespan. Wood fences typically last for the lifetime of the home with an occasional need for maintenance and repairs.

    When it comes to pricing and the project, wood fencing can quickly become expensive. The cost of the project and the length of time that you’ll have some disruption to your yard will depend entirely on the height and size of your fence.

    Wrought Iron Fencing

    Classic, gothic, and stately, wrought iron fencing has succeeded the test of time. If you’re looking for a way to boost curb appeal and create some excitement around your home, then wrought iron is a worthy option.

    Wrought iron fences aren’t only stunning, but they’re durable as well. With wrought iron, you can have a custom design that is unique to your home.

    For security purposes, wrought iron might not be your top choice, and this type of fencing does require some maintenance.

    Vinyl Fencing

    If you want to put in a top of the line fence, then vinyl fencing is probably going to be your first choice. Vinyl fencing outperforms nearly all other types of fencing when it comes to durability, sustainability, resistance to weather, and even states. It is easy to clean and requires almost no maintenance.

    The downside to vinyl fencing is the cost. Vinyl fencing is expensive, and the installation can be quite costly too. However, comparing the initial investment to what the homeowner will save over the lifetime of the fence on repairs and maintenance, it often comes out to be the more cost-effective choice.

    Chain Link Fencing

    Utilitarian and effective when it comes to providing basic security chain link is the go-to option for many homeowners and property owners. This type of fencing does not provide privacy, but many homeowners choose to add shrubbery or flowers and vines to the chain link.

    Many people choose chain link fencing because it is inexpensive. The price point makes it a great way to enclose areas of your yard or the yard entirely without spending a fortune on a fence.

    Local Fence Contractor Services

    Local fence contractors provide such an array of services that it could be a little confusing for homeowners. At Fence Pros Somerville, our team always starts with a consultation equipped. We will go over exactly what your needs are, whether it’s an installation, upgrade, repair, or gate service, and then we’ll talk about the ideal materials for the job.

    When preparing a quote, we can discuss fence cost and your options in varying materials and designs. Working with a fence contractor should feel like a collaboration, you explain your ideas or vision, and then we step in to make it a reality.

    Our friendliness, outstanding customer service, and unmatched quality of work have set up apart as the top option in Somerville and the surrounding Boston area. Call our offices at 617-362-0045 to start talking about your project now.

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