Fence Installation Somerville MA

Fence installation can be a great way to improve your home’s curb appeal and provide extra safety for your property. Many people will use new fencing to increase their privacy or to ensure that certain areas of the property are safe.

Fence installation can be a very big project for your property, but with careful planning and our great team, you can plan out your project with no trouble at all. We take exceptional pride in our craftsmanship and create stunning fences to protect your property. At Fence Pros Somerville, you can be sure that your fence installation will be easy and fast!

We’re the locally owned and locally operated fence installers in Somerville! Our years of experience in serving the community and unmatched quality make us the top choice!

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    New Fencing Cost Somerville

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    The average fence cost for a full installation in Massachusetts sits right around $3,000, with some fluctuation based on property size and materials. Chain link may be a much more affordable option, whereas vinyl may run above some homeowner’s budgets.

    New fencing cost will largely depend on the size of the area you’re fencing, the materials, and the volume of the materials. For example, a short picket fence will cost much less than a tall privacy wooden fence, although the materials are the same.

    The best way to get a realistic grasp on what a new fence might cost you, contact us at Fence Pros Somerville. By calling 617-362-0045, you can get a free quote or schedule an appointment to discuss your ideas for your new fence and get a quote then!

    Privacy Fence Installation in Somerville

    Privacy fences are taking off in popularity as the materials are becoming more affordable and more accessible. You can opt-out of the plastic inserts running through the chain link and instead have a privacy fence that looks so good your neighbors won’t realize it was to keep them out of your yard!

    For privacy fence options and to discuss the wide variety of materials that you can now use for privacy fencing, call Fence Pros Somerville. Our team is waiting for your call, reach us at 617-362-0045.