Fence Repair Somerville MA

Damage to fencing happened and is usually a result of high-speed winds, storm damage, animals, trees falling, and even extremely unexpected accidents such as vehicles crashing into the fence. Fences can even take on damage over the years, and you might not notice until a leaning fence post is threatening to takedown a whole section.

Fence repair Is not usually something that homeowners plan for. Many types of fencing materials should last for the lifespan of the house. However, other types of materials are prone to rot, rust, bending, and weather damage.

Common fence repairs include:

  • Leaning posts
  • Bent posts
  • Uprooted posts or poorly planted posts
  • Heaving posts
  • Damaged sections from animals and other trauma
  • Deteriorated materials

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    Wood Fencing Repair Somerville

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    Wood is one of the materials that is generally more susceptible to deterioration when compared to other fencing materials. Wooden planks can rot, split, and much more. The posts are prone to leaning, and it’s even possible that wooden fences can fall prey to insect infestation.

    Leaning fence posts, for example, are most common in wood fences, and typically it’s the post that has rotted out. A rotted post can compromise the integrity of the entire fence, and if not repaired quickly, it can cause more damage not only to the fence but to your yard.

    Posts and Supports Repairs Somerville

    Fence post repair is one of the most commonly requested repairs. Posts are the primary supporting elements of every fence type, and that means they take a greater portion of the damage from wind, storms, and general wear and tear.

    Vinyl Fence Repair Services Somerville

    Vinyl fence repair is not as common as you might expect because vinyl fences are extremely durable. But still, damage happens, and you might need to call us out for repairs. We carefully review the damage to a vinyl fence to determine if you will need panel replacement, rail replacement, or pole repair.

    At Fence Pros Somerville, we take repairs very seriously and strive to ensure that we complete repairs as efficiently as possible. Call 617-362-0045 for a quote on your fence repair now.