Gate Installation Somerville MA

Gates are a critical element of every fence, and gate installation and gate repair require a careful level of planning. Gate installation can bring many benefits to your property or home, and while gate repairs might help you avoid costly fence damage. You can also use gates as a highly functional ornamental part of your property.

Fence Pros Somerville provides gate installation for nearly any fence, whether we’re also building the fence or installing the gate onto an existing fence. Gates are an excellent installation for gardens and patios, but they can serve other purposes as well.

Swimming pool gates must have certain designs for safety reasons, and side gates that may open to dangerous areas might require special design to ensure children don’t get out as well. Of course, we’ll work with you to set up a gate that provides minimal disruption to your fence and regular routines with walking around your property.

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    Gate Repair Service Somerville

    Gates will often become misaligned, or come off of their hinges and may even bend. Children and teens are well-known to climb over gates instead of opening them, and through ongoing misuse, the gates can take on substantial damage.

    During our repair services, we’ll help repair any damage that prevents the gate from swinging appropriately or standing to full height. We repair the gate material itself, the gate’s hinges, and repair alignment that may involve replacing the gate post.

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    Vinyl Gates Somerville

    Vinyl gates hardly ever take on damage, but many people are investing in vinyl gates because of that fact. The durability of vinyl has led many to upgrade their gates to vinyl materials. However, these gates do occasionally have hinge and displacement problems.

    Wood Gates Somerville MA

    Wood gate repair is fairly common as the material is known for leaning, splitting, and cracking over time. We put in new hinges, reset posts, and replace material as needed. Typically gate repairs will take less than a few days, and we’ll explain the entire process before we get started on the project.

    The craftsmanship and skill level at Fence Pros Somerville is unmatched. Get a free quote online or call our offices at 617-362-0045 to speak with one of our team members right away!