Wood Fence Company Somerville MA

Wood fencing is a classic, a staple among New England residential areas, and the perfect finishing touch to a well-groomed front yard. Wood fencing can come with years of enjoyment and outstanding service in regard to protection and for the visual aesthetic.

Wood fencing by Fence Pros Somerville is always of the top-quality and done quickly. As a wood fence company, we provide stunning additions to homes and commercial properties to ensure that you have your privacy without pulling away from the home or building’s exterior appeal.

We help homeowners find designs and materials that they will love for years to come. Our team frequently provides wood fence installation and repairs throughout Somerville and the Boston area.

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    Wood Fence Installation Somerville

    Fence installers often work as teams, and at Fence Pros Somerville, we make sure to send out our best installers, so the job is done well and done quickly. Full installation for a wood fence can run homeowners an average of about $3,000, but it depends largely on the size of the property.

    Installation may take a few days or up to a week, again depending on the size of the property. As part of the fence planning step, we’ll help to identify if there are any local codes or restrictions that would interfere with your plans. The process we use for wood fence installation at Fence Pros Somerville ensures that every detail is taken into consideration and accommodated.

    wood fence somerville ma

    Wood Fence Repair Somerville

    Fence repair happens. Overtime, wooden fences can rot from exposure to moisture, and insects can find homes in your wooden planks. Posts can lean and may sustain damage from animals or storms. The good news is that wood fence repairs and easy and fast!

    Benefits of Wood Fencing Somerville

    Wood fencing is extremely durable and can last for years with low-levels of maintenance. It is also far more affordable than many other high-end fencing options. But, what people often love most about wood fencing is its visual appeal. It’s a classic material and can be used in so many different designs that it’s a great way to bring a timeless look to your yard with a bit of personal flair.

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